My Story


Above all else, my faith in Jesus Christ guides every step of my life. Along with that, my precious family is the most important thing to me on this small planet. My husband of nearly six years, toddler boy, and baby girl are my life. Photography and videography are my passions and creative outlets that I love to share with others!

Photography has been part of my life ever since I can remember.  My grandmother loved photography, as did my mother, so posing for photographs and looking through the viewfinder of those old 35mm film cameras was a regular part of family occasions.  When we went on family road trips I had one of those 110mm film point and shoot cameras that could fit in your back pocket.  (Do they even make those anymore?)  I remember snapping away at anything that looked interesting and eagerly opening up the finished prints once they were developed.  There was something magical about not being able to see what the photo looked like until days later. My love for film is still alive-and-well in this age of digital. In college I would often find myself in a darkroom developing and processing my own black and white film canisters. It's a very relaxing yet intense process, and the results of hand-developed film is so incredibly rewarding. 

In my undergraduate years, I had a camera that I took with me almost everywhere I went.  It seemed like every day there was something worth capturing.  I've used several cameras since that first one, but I've still kept it because of all the memories it contains. It may not take pictures like it once did, and heaven knows how much better cameras are now, but I just can't part with that little memory saver. (It's also become one of my toddler's favorite things to play with... hearing him ask to play with the "his” camera is seriously the best.) Sometimes  I like to look back at some of my first images and see how I've grown as an artist. Sometimes it’s a little embarrassing! But it shows how far I’ve come. This year I completed my MFA (Master of Fine Arts), and I've come to realize that each day we can learn something new, and it's just up to us to seek out that something. Every now and then I marvel at just how far I've come as an artist, and I'm so thankful for the loved ones who have helped me achieve each new goal!

Honestly, I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for the encouragement and support of my wonderful husband, Aaron. He's my rock and strongest advocate when it comes to my business and each new mountain I set to climb. I don't know where I'd be without him! Likewise, my two kids, Hudson and Ellie, are my light and joy in every day. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing them learn and grow. I can't believe how fast they grow! Time sure does fly when you're so in love. Above all else, I am so thankful for my faith in Jesus Christ and where He has taken this life of mine. God is such a creative Being and I'm amazing by this world He created and designed. It's a blessing to be part of it and to share my God-given gift of creativity while on this little planet. 



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Life is a masterpiece. The world we see around us is a beautiful creation of color and form that goes beyond sight and embraces all the senses. Much of art utilizes value, motion, shape, perspective and emotion, creating a new work that sends out its own feeling and meaning.  Making a work that speaks its own story and captures or evokes a particular mood is one of the main goals of my art. Whether it’s merely depicting a previously existing idea, such as journalistic photography, or in creating a unique scene, like in my fine art photography; each image is a moment captured in time to be forever speaking into the viewer’s life.

With photography, I strive to capture that moment in time that can never be repeated. This is the idea that every image holds a specific millisecond unique to all others.  My work also seeks to capture the personality of the subject, not just what's visible on the outside. Whether it’s a candid shot from street photography, or a posed portrait session, each image is a one-of-a-kind glimpse on that life, in that moment. 

With my fine art and paintings, I seek to create images that communicate a specific concept, idea, or emotion.  Symbolism is a technique I enjoy using, and creating a work for a specific purpose is frequently my motivation. Color, energy, light, and form all come together to create an idea or emotion that the viewer can either embrace or debate. Much of my work focuses on the use of color and stroke, in which the viewer can become drawn into over time.

My graphic design, above all else, is intended to communicate clearly and without confusion to the viewer.  Much of advertising and commercial marketing depends on the customer being able to instantly understand the intended meaning or product being promoted. With this in mind, I seek to create clear, crisp, and creative images that capture attention and evoke the viewer to either investigate further, or immediately understand the intended message.

Above all else, I love a good challenge. Exploring various art techniques, mediums, and subject material is a spice of life.  New angles on an old subject, and experimental artistic concepts are both stimulating to engage in and an enjoyable challenge to my creative process. To be confined to one medium or one style is stifling.  I am constantly on the lookout for new techniques, and I welcome a fresh perspective. Each artistic endeavor is an adventure, and the finished product is the treasure at the end of the journey.