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We Are Amative

We Are Amative

Lynchburg Virginia Wedding Photographer and Videographer


We Are Amative

We Are Amative

Lynchburg Virginia Wedding Photographer and Videographer

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adjective |  am·a·tive   |  ˈa-mə-tiv
"prone to love"

What's in a name? "Amative" means to be inclined, or prone, to love, especially romantic love. And if there's one thing we like more than anything, it's a good love story! Let's just say the chances of Andrea crying at your wedding are fairly high... But even more than this, the most important thing to us on your wedding day is to create meaningful, emotional, and powerful images that truly capture your love story and showcase the love you both share. We care for love so much, in fact, that our logo represents weddings rings… because we are, after all, prone to love.

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The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.

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About Andrea

About Andrea, Lynchburg Virginia Wedding Photographer and Videographer

About Andrea

About Andrea, Lynchburg Virginia Wedding Photographer and Videographer

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Meet Andrea

Hi Friends!


I'm Andrea, the owner of Amative Creative. I'm simply obsessed with love stories, and feel so privileged to be the one to get capture so many real-life fairytales each week. Photography and videography are my passions, and it's truly an honor to be able to share that joy with others when capturing their lives. Nothing is so precious than to find that sweet spot between light, love, and the fleeting moment! 

If you want someone who will not only capture your dream day, but even cry during those heartfelt moments, then I'm your girl. But seriously, enough about me. I want to hear more about YOU! Send me a message and let's get together and chat!!!

If you really want to read more tho...
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Reviews from our past clients. Lynchburg Virginia Wedding Photographer and Videographer


Reviews from our past clients. Lynchburg Virginia Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Kind Words

On the eve of our first anniversary, coming back to watch this video brought me to tears. This was the best investment in our wedding day and you did such an amazing job capturing all the details and things that stood out to Michael and I. I am flooded with emotion and joy every time I come back to watch our video.

I would not have wanted anyone else to be the photographer for my wedding and engagement pictures. She was absolutely AMAZING! Super sweet and easy to work with. Flexibility was also a strong suit. If you come prepared with Pinterest or not, she has great ideas! I will continue using her for photos for other monumental life events! if you want your pictures to be stunning, then you NEED Andrea, you won't regret it! 

My family and I appreciated Andrea's professionalism as well as warmth. She is able to make your ideas and thoughts a reality while also building upon them with her own creativity. The photo sessions felt very natural and were a lot of fun. We can't wait to schedule Andrea again and would recommend her for any special occasion!

Andrea is one of the most talented photographers I have worked with. With her artistic ability she brings out the beauty, not only in the model, but the whole surrounding environment. Andrea was also easy and fun to work with, which just added to the whole experience. She definitely has an eye for photography and it shows in her work. Would love to shoot with her again! 

Andrea is extremely creative and willing to do anything for a great shot (even get down on the ground in leaves and mud). She's got fantastic ideas and wants to make sure that the subject of the photo looks their best.

I love working with Andrea! She helps you feel comfortable and natural, so the shoots are creative and very fun! And I think it's one of the reasons her pictures always highlight the models' personality and uniqueness. Her photos are clean, sharp and striking. Pretty much all of us are a little self-conscious about how we look in pictures! But Andrea always makes sure you walk away with some of the best photos you'll ever have of yourself- which isn't easy!

Can't wait to work with her again!!! I couldn't believe how comfortable she was to be around. I imagined it would be kind of awkward posing in front of a stranger but it wasn't like that at all. We all had so much fun during our photo shoot that we ended up laughing almost the entire time. Super fun to be around and super professional work. I couldn't have asked for more in a photographer!

Andrea did an incredible job taking my engagement and wedding photos! She is very dedicated to her clients and willing to do what it takes to get the perfect shot. I highly recommend her for any type of photography shoot and for her graphic design skills. She personally made our Save the Date cards and wedding invitations and they came out better than we could have hoped for! Andrea is a one of a kind photographer which makes her perfect to photograph your special day! 

Andrea is such a JOY to work with. She captured literally every moment of my wedding and each photo rightly reflected the feelings and joy I had during my special day. If you want to remember and reminisce over a special day (which I'm sure you do), definitely get Andrea! She will do it justice!!

Andrea is, hands down, the most amazing photographer out there! She took our engagement and wedding photos. After seeing our engagement pictures, I knew our wedding pictures were going to be absolutely amazing and it was SO nice to not have to worry about that on top of everything else going on during wedding planning. Andrea made us feel comfortable and acted as if she had known us forever. She directs you and knows exactly what poses will make for the best pictures :) She also brought along some absolutely amazing helpers with her on the wedding day to have some extra shooters, which I was so thankful for because I really felt like they were capturing every moment. I more than highly recommend Andrea and I plan on using her in the future for any other occasions. 

Andrea is a sweetheart! She's passionate about her craft and is constantly improving her skills. As a model, I very much enjoyed working with her, as she was constantly offering encouragement, creative direction, and lots of laughter.



Frequently asked questions from our clients. Lynchburg Virginia Wedding Photographer and Videographer


Frequently asked questions from our clients. Lynchburg Virginia Wedding Photographer and Videographer

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your style?
My style is a rich combination of timeless beauty and modern romance. My images are dramatic, elegant, and genuine.  I love being able to create artistic moments and capture spontaneous events. Photography is magical in that it can stop time, and I treasure the ability to be able to use it to make memories last forever. 

Are you licensed & insured?
Yes! Many wedding venues require vendors to have a current business license and general liability and equipment insurance. I'm more than happy to submit proof of both to your venue.  

When should I book you?
As soon as possible! Dates fill up quickly, and if you know you'd like to book me for your wedding date, be sure and contact me as soon as you can. We'll get together over coffee or the phone  and chat about package options and if you're ready, can sign a contract the same day! 

What happens after we're booked?
Celebrate! You just checked another item off your wedding planning list!  Also, closer to your date I'll send you a questionnaire asking about your wedding day details, and it will help me get to know you and your future spouse a little better. I want to know if you're energetic or low key, like dark colors or bright tones. This will help me know a little about what makes you unique and be able to give you the best experience and product possible! 

Do you use a second shooter?
Yes, I have several excellent associates I use depending on the wedding day needs and the package selected. I'm also more than comfortable shooting a wedding solo. 

Do you offer discounts?
There are frequently specials or discounts that you may inquire about, be sure and check our Facebook page for the most recent opportunities. I also offer military and student discounts, so just ask!

Do you allow payment plans?
Absolutely, we can work together on a plan that works best for you and your budget. Feel free to pay all at once, monthly, or in 2 or 3 payments. Whatever works best for you. We can agree on a plan that fits your needs when we sign the contract. 

How many photos do I get?
Some photographers charge per image, but I prefer to give you as many photos as possible that best reflect my style and most compliment you! For that reason, I don't limit the number of photos I provide, but deliver as many as possible in keeping with my quality. 

Does the client have the rights to print pictures?
Yes, each photo delivered becomes yours to print for personal use. The copyright remains with me, the photographer, but that doesn't affect you unless you want to use them for business purposes or try to sell them. 

Do you edit the photos?
Absolutely. I never deliver RAW or straight from the camera images.  

What do you shoot with?
We love Canon. All our DSLR camera bodies are Canon, and we use a variety of other brands for various equipment needs such as Tamron, Yongnuo, Manfrotto, Zoom, Neewer, and more. 

Will you take requested photos or shoot from a photo shot list?
I am more than happy to take requested photos by the client. While I may not be able to capture everything a client may write on a list or request, I will do my best to capture everything that the client desires.

Do you travel?
We absolutely LOVE to travel!! Destination weddings are one of our favorite things! Be sure and ask about special offers for destination weddings when you contact us! 

Why is professional photography so expensive?
Professional photography is very time intensive. Only a fraction of the work is actually done during a session or on the wedding day. The rest of the time is spent in preparation and planning before the day, and then editing and perfecting the images in post-production afterwards. Typically, 1 hour of photography has about 4 or more hours of additional "hidden" time, depending on the situation. A full-day wedding typically takes a several weeks to process. Then, of course, there's the costs associated with running the business itself: licensing, insurance, cameras, computers, software... and all the normal bills of everyday life as well.